Kylie Jenner’s lip kit – not all that?

I have to say, it’s cool to see celebs coming out with their own lines of lipsticks and lip glosses. I mean, you’re a beauty icon, why not get paid mad for it? More power to you. Jeffree Star, YouTube makeup guru, is known for his beautiful bold makeup looks. He also happens to own a very successful liquid lipstick business.

Now when Kylie Jenner came out with a lipstick line, I wasn’t jumping on it. Why? I never buy first generation anything. Not the iPhone, not the household appliances, and def not the makeup. She also seems relatively clueless when it comes to anything not social media related.

Buzzfeed and (You)Tubers were releasing reviews on the lipsticks and how they fared. None of the reviews were that sparkly. Great colours? Sure. But the quality of the product was questionable. Not to mention the brushes.

Back to Jeffree Star. Darling dearest highlighted via Twitter how unacceptable the wand was. Trust when I say, girlfriend, he was right.

After he spoke out, many other people started tweeting their own jacked up wand photos. It got so much movement it could no longer be ignored. On snapchat, Kylie lightly addressed it and said something along the lines of “we’ll do better next time.” She did not give any apologies or offers of refunds for the brushes, which Jeffree unabashedly  pointed out was unacceptable. Absolutely true. Some people had saved up for so long to buy these lip kits. One fan even had the swatches tattooed onto his body.

Kylie’s got a lot fans, let’s hope she doesn’t take them for granted.

Finally, Kylie tweeted that she’d be issuing a new wand to all whom ordered on 4/1. While we could applaude her, it took way too long for her to address and fix the problem at hand. Next time, she’ll need to work harder. But hey, she is only 18. Didn’t we all mess up when we were kids? If anything, let’s hope it was a good learning experience for the young businesswoman.

And remember: when in need of addressing anything that needs attention, take to Twitter. 😂😂😂

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