Product Review: Banila Co It Radiant Lace Hydrogel Mask Sheet!

First of all, let me tell you a bit about this product. It’s by Korean beauty company, Banila Co. Skin care regiments in general, are very popular in Korea. In fact, a lot of the popular beauty regiments started from there. Setting spray, face masks, dewy skin trends – all from Asia! Beautiful skin is highly prized, and wow do the Koreans know how to do achieve it! I love face masks because nothing rejuvenates better than a hydrating skin mask. I finally had some me time as Savya went down for his nap, and decided to throw on this mask.

It’s very concentrated. It comes in two parts – one portion for the top of your face, and one for the bottom. I first washed my face with a cleanser and then toned my skin. Then I applied the mask by first applying on the bottom portion, then the top. I made sure to smooth it over my skin to make sure that it not only stuck well, but that it covered my skin completely. The lace is so beautiful! It makes you feel even more girly as you get prettier. At first I could feel my skin slightly itching, but then it went away. This also could have been a remaining result from my experience yesterday with Lush’s Oatfix mask (I’m apparently allergic).

I let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then I took off the mask and discarded it in the trash. Any remaining product on my face was gently patted in to be absorbed.

Overall I loved this product. I found the mask to work very well and add much needed moisture to my skin. When I first threw on the mask, it felt dry and brittle. Now it feels so soft and my skin looks dewy.

Any face masks you’re in love with? Share by commenting below!