It’s Bobbi Brown, folks! I went all out and not only replaced my precious makeup, but also bought a new highlight (damn, you see that glow?!) + came away with a huge full sized cleansing oil. I always loved the cleansing oil samples, so I jumped on this immediately! 


  • Sheer finish pressed powder (warm neutral)
  • Corrector (medium to dark bisque)
  • Creamy concealer kit (honey)
  • Highlighting powder (bronze glow)
  • Full-sized soothing cleansing oil
  • Sample of BB cream SPF35  


For the past 5 years, my makeup essentials include Bobbi Brown’s sheer pressed powder in warm natural, concealer duo, and corrector. Most recently, I’ve updated my colours (a colour correction, if you will) thanks to Bobbi Brown’s virtual makeup consultation (see my previous post for more information).

I first use corrector to correct my skin colour and make sure that my dark circles are well covered. Following that, I use concealer to cover my under eye circles and bring brightness to my face. I finish with the yellow powder and set the makeup nicely. Foundation shouldn’t be used on top or below concealer. It’s a waste of makeup. Make sure you use foundation wherever you need coverage and blend so there are no lines. Varied amounts can be applied as needed (less, more, etc). 

These sheer pressed powders are super light, and their foundations and cream concealers are super creamy. As a girl with dry skin and yellow tones, Bobbi brown offers plenty of options as to what would be good for my skin. I tend to use corrector concealer duo, and pressed powder, along with the stick foundation in honey. 

Here’s a trick I use for under the coverage: start with more corrector than concealer, that way, your colour stays more true. When applying the yellow powder, pat and roll your makeup brush to set it. If your makeup starts to cake for any reason, use your ring finger to dab in some eye cream. Why the ring finger? That’s because it’s the weakest finger and the skin underneath your eyes is very very delicate. This will ensure you use the least pressure to get the job done. I use Bobbi’s hydrating eye cream and sometimes use it to rework my under-eye makeup without ruining it. 

Highlight in bronze glow is absolutely gorgeous. I am absolutely loving the new highlight. LOVING it. I used to use the NARS albatross highlight, but I have found that this does so much more for my skin tone. This is so pigmented and it slides on beautifully. I hardly have to blend it, unlike the NARS one. Once again, the colours are so complimentary to my skin tone that it just works. Definitely my new favourite highlight!

Samples: what person doesn’t love them? LOVING the fact that if I spent over $100, they gave each person a complimentary full-sized cleansing oil. I’ve used it before and it isn’t half bad! Makes me feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth, and I clean off my makeup with ease and peace of mind. Not so happy that I didn’t get a second free sample of the BB cream thanks to their system glitch, but it’s a minor detail. (C’mon tho Bobbi, fix your glitch!)

So there’s my Bobbi Brown haul details! Leave comments down below as to your favourite Bobbi Brown items or if you have any questions for me. See you soon!