Oooo child, YAS!


  • Contour cream kit (medium)
  • Dipbrow pomade (dark brown)
  • Brow definer (dark brown)
  • Brush #3
  • Brush #12
  • Brush #20
  • Lustrous lipgloss set
  • Covet waterproof eyeliner (absy)




Cream contour kit is so much fun! So many colours. I was really overwhelmed at first so I spent some time watching YouTube tutorials to make sure I didn’t mess it up. But the end product wasn’t half bad! The coral pigment I used as a corrector, which I found daunting at first. However watching colour correction videos and trying it for myself, I’m a believer. It’s a labor of ART, I tell you. It’s important to blend the shiz out of your face or risk looking like a Picasso (and no, that’s not good). I love how MannyMUA did his tutorial (I LOVE him!) but I found that MakeupByDenise did hers pretty similarly to how I did mine with the corrector. Of all the tutorials, I loved how Kim Chanel’s YouTube tutorial on contouring used the most from the palette. I hope this will suffice until I can record myself doing so (hehe).

To be honest though, I doubt I’ll use this that often, mostly because I don’t have time to with Sav on the loose. But as MannyMUA says, this is an amazing palette with so much use! I will enjoy using it to doll myself up for  Savya’s cake smash photoshoot!

Dipbrow pomade is tougher than it looks. I used Illamesqua before and it was pretty easy and highly pigmented to work with. Dipbrow, while beautiful, can have its drawbacks. You have to really work with it, and it truly is a labour of love. My advice to you is to buy the brush along with the pomade and to really practice and have patience with it. Like with all things, practice makes perfect. Here’s my 10 second snapchat review about it at the end of my first day wearing it:

(Pardon my shmurr face)  

Brow definer is great when you’re in a rush to get somewhere or just don’t have the patience to deal with your brows that day. Personally, I prefer to line with Dipbrow and fill in with brow definer. Remember – BLEND. 


Brush #3 is the really small tipped brush. I use it at the moment for contouring my nose but you can (and should) use it for gel and liquid eyeliner. It gets into those really tiny areas and up close and personal on the lash line. Suck at eyeliner? This will be your new BFF.

Brush #12 is what I use (and what is recommended for use) with the Dipbrow pomade. The brush at the end is key to success (what up, DJ Khaled snapchat reference!). Use that baby and blend life!

Brush #20 is used for blending product into brows. Kind of like, a final touch before you’re done with your brows. Once you finish filling in and blending your brows, you want to give a polished look by using your foundation to clean up any parts that need to be done. This includes stray hairs or excess makeup that has run over. This brush is brilliant at doing so. 

Lustrous lip gloss kit comes with eight different, highly pigmented lip glosses, ranging from light to extremely dark. While it’s not the newest goodie to come out of the ABH kitchen, it is the one with most value. I can see myself using these on a daily basis for a long while. Even the Sunset Strip (a super light pink) is pretty on my darker skin. Loving how I can play around and make the colour as dark or as light as I want. Let’s not forget mixing and matching for ombré lips. It would probably look even better with a lip liner underneath too.


  • Gilded: A metallic Champagne gold.
  • Sunset Strip: A fiery gold-flecked pink.
  • Dainty: An opaque retro pink.
  • Metallic Rose: A shimmery classic mauve.
  • Weekend Barbie: A vivid bright pink.
  • Date Night: A romantic ruby red.
  • Socialite: A sophisticated scarlet red.
  • Black Cherry: A moody plum purple.

Covet waterproof eyeliner in absy was actually a mistake. I meant to buy it in a true black colour. However, I tried it on and it even passed the “crying through a K-drama scene” test. That’s pretty good IMO. I’ll probably use this sparkly army green to line my lower lashes to accent a sexy black cat eye. *meow*

So far, I’m really pleased with everything. My makeup bag is full! Well… For now.


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