Hair Toning w/AJ {Salon Valenti}

Hi all! I updated my hair a bit. As I haven’t found the perfect UK salon, I have been stubbornly holding out and not cutting or colouring my hair while in England. I literally refuse to go anywhere except for Salon Valenti in Fremont.

Which means life can get tough. Hair needs regular maintenance and it was almost impossible to find anyone worthy in Colchester. Trust me – I tried. Met some nice people, but skills just weren’t up to par.

My AMAZING stylist AJ toned, trimmed, and deep conditioned my hair today. I have to say that although I loved the brighter colour because it was different, I am now IN LOVE with what he did today.


perfect outdoor lighting! no filter



indoor lighting – no filter

He toned it to make the colour darker, so the colour became more tawny blonde. It’s absolutely PERFECT. He used a blue coloured toner to bring the colour down. Best part? He uses no bleach or ammonia to achieve these looks because he knows how delicate my hair is. End product? Healthy hair with a beautiful finish. All colouring products used were by Goldwell, all styling products were by Bumble and Bumble.

Bless this magician of a man. He is always my go-to! AJ, I will follow you, wherever you go! 💕