Happy Lhosar!

Tashi Dalek! Happy Lunar New Year to all my friends of East Asian descent. 

The other day was our annual Tibetan New Year celebration at the Lama family’s house. These are the most wonderful people I know. Truly. Kind, selfless, genuinely loving, and absolutely wonderful company. Every year they open their house to friends and family to share in the celebration of the coming new year with new and old traditions alike. 

Traditional butter tea is served, red envelopes with money and blessings are given from the elders to the youngsters, and prayers are offered to the Lord Buddha. Fervent wishes of good health, happiness, and prosperity are asked while lighting incense and offering foods.

Ah, the food. The most important thing in Asian culture is the food and sharing it with those you love. “It’s always better to have more than to have too little,” is a constant motto I grew up with in the context of providing for guests. It runs even more true during festivities of this sort. The spread was absolutely amazing. Thousand year old egg, jellyfish, BBQ pork sausage, pork belly, beef, braised ribs, glass noodles, pork momo (gyoza/dumplings), vegetarian options, and so much more were spread in abundance upon the table. The Lama’s spent over two weeks working on this masterpiece. It’s no understatement to say that the food was truly that – a masterpiece. 

With great company, fantastic hosts, family and friends, and realising how far my generation has grown up to produce the next generation of children receiving these blessings is both overwhelming and joyous. 

May all of you have a prosperous year ahead of you, whether you celebrate the lunar new year or not. Peace and blessings! 


phot cred: Pam Lama