Product Review: Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge  (Beauty blender alternative)

So I’ve been in the market for a way to more seamlessly blend my makeup. I have myself a wonderful set of MAC brushes, but let’s face it – every brush will at one point or another have hairs fall out when you apply them. It’s annoying! Then you have to pick them off your face, re-blend, and in the end it’s still not perfectly blended onto your face. It’s no understatement that the art of makeup is not easy, but tools of the trade can make your daily routine easier. P

Thanks to YouTube makeup gurus, it’s no surprise that many girls (me included) have seen their basic application skills increase. However, there’s still a lot to be desired! I have very sensitive and dry-prone skin under my eyes, with hereditary bags to boot. This skin is already super sensitive, so just imagine the upkeep mine require.

Le BOO. 

I’ve been using this orange beauty blender by Real Techniques and it’s been helping me pull off  the closest finish possible to an airbrushed look without having to buy an airbrushing machine.

The trick? Make sure it’s moist with warm water before you use it. Dip it into a bowl of warm water, or like me, run it under the tap. Squeeze it out twice to get it nicely moistened. Then use it by patting your liquid or cream makeup until it looks like there is no difference between your skin and the makeup. Avoid pulling the product across your face.

A voilà! You have airbrushed skin without an airbrushed tool and flawlessly blended makeup. That’s right, that tiny bit of moisture will help the foundation blend into your skin better. Do not use it to blend your makeup if the blender is dry.

Easy? YAS!

*hair flip*

Has anyone tried the original beauty blender? What have you found is the difference between it and knock offs like this one? Comment below!