Bobbi Brown – a virtual consultation

Have you ever had a situation where you know you need to buy a makeup product, love the quality of the items, but are sure that the pigment you currently have is no good, and need help with picking an appropriate one?

This is the problem I’ve been having! The last few times I went to Bobbi Brown for my corrector and cream concealer, I expressed concern that my dark circles seem – well, darker in photos WITH makeup. I knew it had to be my makeup, but the reps at the counter always insisted I was using the right shade for corrector. That shade was “Dark Bisque.” For reference, I use “Honey” as my foundation shade, and it is a true match for my skin.

Turns out my hunch about my corrector was right and an online virtual consultant helped me figure out what was going on. After uploading a photo of myself without makeup and in natural lighting, she confirmed that “Dark Bisque” was too dark for my skin tone, hence the reason why shadows were visible underneath my eyes.
THE GOOD: the consultations were very friendly, they gave options, and tried their best to help. After it all, they even gave me a coupon code for a free full size of cleansing oil. “Warm to Dark Bisque”corrector was the official recommendation for a “Honey” skin tone. Seeing the online swatch of the pigment, it’s more yellow toned. She said that if that too, did not work, that I could switch it for “Peach Bisque” which is more pinkish. It’s good to know that I can return or exchange makeup that doesn’t work for me at any time.

THE BAD: Now while the idea of this virtual consultation was brilliant, their accuracy was not. I went in another day and it turns out I am “dark peach.” Makes sense in terms of colour correction as I have dark circles that need to be well covered. I was really irritated at how I couldn’t return it because I came to the UK, and they don’t accept returns or exchanges. (Dafuq?)

Their ability to upload a photo was also not ideal. The chat box allows you to upload a photo from the chat box directly, which did not work. So I took to creating a profile and really fiddling around with it before the website finally allowed me to upload a photo. I ran into a lot of glitches, those which I hope Bobbi Brown’s ecommerce team will tackle in the days to come, as the program can be potentially useful.
THE PRETTY: I ended up buying corrector, cream concealer with yellow powder, pressed powder, and a warm golden highlight. In love with this highlight – must do a singular review on it. Oh, and did I mention that I got a free full size of Bobbi’s oil cleanser and a sample of the BB Cream? Ummm, GURL YAHS! 🙌🏽

What’s your go-to for corrector and concealer? I’m always interested in trying something new, but I’m nervous to. What issues did you have with finding your perfect shade? 

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