My first Paint Night!

So last night was my first paint night. Definitely fun and interesting! I am not an artist because the only thing I can paint is my eyeliner and eyebrows! 😂 Still, I had so much fun! My friend Sim organised the event for 7 of us, and we had an absolute blast. Here’s a picture of the paintings done by the girls:

As you can see, mine ended up being completely different from the original! I went for a night portrait, rather than a sunset. I guess mine went for a truly dark theme. Could have been the beer or the pizza that encouraged my dark colours! Or maybe it was the dark lip I was wearing that night! (Was darker before this photo because i had eaten pizza and not reapplied my lipstick).

Underlying thoughts? HA!

Paint night would be such a fun idea for friends or even for a date night. Have you been to a paint night before?