Product Review: LUSH BB Seaweed face mask

Oooooooooooo I just love a good face mask. Let me tell you right now, if it’s about pampering, your girl is all over it. Which is why I love LUSH face masks! They are all natural and they just make your skin GLOW afterward.

Being a new mum means I don’t get much rest or time for my beauty regiment. At least 3 times already this week, I’ve passed out with baby with my face still on. Ugh. Not a pretty sight. Which is how I got a beautiful pimple right above my lip. Because looking like you’ve got oral herpes is SO in the now. 🙄

Needless to say, your girl here was not pleased by this unwelcomed visitor.

So I slather on some BB Seaweed this Super Bowl Sunday to make sure I am rejuvenating my skin before it hates me even more. The aloe in it soothes my angry skin while the seaweed nourishes it. It has finely ground almonds which give it a nice exfoliating feel once it dries. There’s also rose, honey, and olive oil. Smells good, and it makes you feel even better.

here’s to feeling pretty!