Hi guys! Sorry again for the long hiatus. We have been in California! Unfortunately, it’s not as warm as we should have packed for, but Sav seems to be settling in just fine. Hurrah for sales at Carters! We even got a jacket for under $5. Now that’s a DEAL!

Here he is wearing a Baltic Amber necklace in Cherry. I bought it for him off Amazon.com (certified) because I was desperate for anything that could help. He’s been sprouting teeth like weeds sprout in a yard! 9 months of age, and he has 8 teeth. 4, in fact, appeared all at one time, which was right before Christmas. It wasn’t a pleasant time for his royal highness, but we made it through with baby Tylenol, ice teethers, and lots of cuddles. Two more sprouted at the end of January, which (I hope) is the end of it for a while. Last thing I want him to deal with is teething on a plane! No fun 🤒

So far, it seems to make him calmer, but it could be just my imagination. I don’t know. I still find myself skeptical, but it is a beautiful necklace! Hehe.

Have you heard or tried Baltic Amber Teething necklaces for your little ones? If so, how did it work for you? Comment below, would love to hear your stories!