New Hair!

Oh snap. Did I forget to tell you ’bout my ‘do? Girlfriend, here you go…

I had my hair done by the lovely AJ (@MUAaj on Instagram) of Salon Valenti in Fremont who is a fine artist and a GODSEND! A month prior, he cut and styled it. Tell me how someone can cut an inch off but make it look longer? I swear, he’s a magician. After a month, I was ready to take my look to the next level. 

My hair is thin and frizzy, easily breakable, but it’s long and surprisingly full enough to do something with and still look good. AJ transformed my hair into beautiful tawny blonde shades without needing to bleach it. He hand painted my hair and lifted the colour with toner.


it took 4 hours for my hair to lift to the colour we wanted with minimal breakage!

The result? GOLD!

Straight out the salon in natural lighting (no filter):  

There you have it! Gorgeous colour, diggin the cut, and absolutely in love with the whole look. I’m loving my new tawny blonde Balayage Ombré highlights!