Cookie! (My dog)

Here she is, my little old lady. Meet Cookie, my 9 year old Pomeranian. Well, she’s more like my parents Pomeranian now, but I love her to bits and miss her when I’m not around her. I would have brought her to England with me, but one obstacle was in front of another and ultimately, I decided it may just be a better idea for her to keep little one with my parents. I miss her everyday in England.

This is a photo I took of her yesterday at the Vet. After I gave her a bath, I discovered that she had a pretty bad ear infection. I took her to the vet (VCA MSJ) and they did a cytology to determine what kind of bacteria it was, irrigated her ears to clean them fully, and gave her a week-long dose of medicine in her ears. We’ll have to go back next Thursday around 1:30pm for part 2, but she seems to be feeling much better already. Thanks, Dr. Franz!

It seems like a lot of pets are getting ear infections lately. What about you? Do you have any pets at home? Tell me about them! 😃