Baby Massage

Savya loves his baby massage! I’ve been oiling him up with organic cold pressed coconut oil and I’ve noticed that it helps with any rashes or blemishes on his skin. It’s helped on mine and on Suraj’s skin too! I have really dry skin and Suraj has oily skin. Coconut oil is nature’s miracle ointment – I swear by it! It’s also the best thing to is in humid weather as it cools down the body.


my happy chappy

Our regiment includes a 10-15 minute oil massage and “baste” to allow the oil to absorb well into the skin, a 10 minute bath, towel dry and lotion massage, blow dry hair, then nap. Yep. I have to blow dry his hair because is so thick and long! Luckily, he doesn’t mind.

🎶 Splish splash, I was taking a bath 🎶

He loves splashing about! Babies are much more natural to the water as they spend all their time in it, in utero.
Products I’ve been using are the Stokke bath with infant insert, oilatum shampoo, oilatum bath additive, and weleda shampoo and body for the stinkier parts of his body (ahem, Le bum).

I tried to exclusively use Weleda with Calendula oil, but he has such sensitive and dry skin that it would just dry it out regardless of how much oil and lotion we would use. Now I just use it in the seriously stinky areas and leave the rest to coconut oil with towel exfoliation and bath additive which is also a non-soap cleanser.

I’m loving the Stokke bathtub as it is heavy duty enough but can also be folded away when not in use. Easy to pack away for trips too! I also love that it has a hole with rubber stopper to drain water for easy clean up. I feel like the infant insert makes it so that the baby isn’t fully submerged, but in all honestly, it’s probably a good thing. It also follows the natural curve of a baby’s back.

Happy bathing for all babes!