Tutti Bambini 7 Piece Barcelona Nursery Set {Review}

We bought everything from Tutti Bambini via The Baby Show. Doing so gave us a great deal, not to mention we had it delivered and setup for only £60 extra. Such a stress reliever considering I was hardcore nesting and Suraj was busy working his bum off on his latest project.

Here are photos of the nursery with Savya sleeping in his cotbed!

Panoramic of the room
cotbed and toy chest
wardrobe and dresser with changing table top


rocking chair with foot stool, shelf with hanging pegs


Overall, I love this 7-piece Barcelona set from Tutti Bambini. Possibly, one of our smartest purchases. This entire nursery set is 100% wood, easy to clean, and very handy. However, when the furniture first arrived, it smelled strongly of paint and chemical. After much airing out of the room and furniture, it was fine. It took about 2-3 weeks to be rid of it. This is something to think about if you’re planning to order this for your little one really close to their birth.

The changing table on top of the dressing table has been very handy. This is considering I’ve had a bad back and a c-section, which made it difficult to bend over. I’ve organized the first drawer of the chest of drawers it so that I can whip it open to change Savya’s nappy at the blink of an eye. The rocking chair has saved the day on many occasions when Savya has been inconsolable. The cot bed seems to be to his liking and can transform into a toddler bed, which means little man can use it until he’s five or six years of age. The wardrobe has 2 rungs which provide ample space inside for lots of little clothes. The toy chest is super cute, though I’m currently using it to store linens. 😅 Soon there will be toys in there! I do wish that it didn’t have the decorative wood on top, because every time I have to open it, it has to be pushed forward. Minus the little drawback, this is still a great buy.  😉

Other bits & bobs: The elephant wall stickers and letters for Savya’s name was brought by my Mum from TJ Maxx in America, while the tree wall stickers were purchased on Amazon. The mobile was a gift from NEXT. The lamp, blue pillow, white organizer boxes on top of the wardrobe, and carpet are from IKEA. I also bought a lot of drawer organizers for inside the dressing table. It helps me keep track of bodysuits, towels, socks, bibs – you name it! I can’t tell you how important it is to stay organized with a little bub. It just makes your life so much easier.

What NOT to buy: Don’t buy the changing table pad from IKEA. Save your money and get one of those nice waterproof changing pads from ASDA or Mothercare. Those can be cleaned with a quick swipe, not to mention hey have cute designs and are way easier to maintain. IKEA’s had to be blown up (ours had a defect and wouldn’t blow up all the way) and a cotton cover for protection. Needless to say it would get covered in poo/pee daily, requiring frequent washing. No new parent has the time for that. Absolutely not worth it! We ended up tossing it in the bin and getting a nice safari print one from Mothercare.

Hope you found this helpful! Feel free to ask me questions if you have any.