OBSESSED because Yeo Valley Butter is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

As the title says, Yeo Valley butter is amazing. What? You ask. Butter, be amazing? Surely Tisha, you must have better things to do than critique butter.

But my friends. Do you know what Yeo Valley butter tastes like?

It takes like a cloud of heavenly, creamy, sweet, salted goodness.
It’s spreadable, highly edible, locally produced and organic.

It’s amazing in sauces.

Or when turned into ghee.

It’s even amazing by itself on toast or with rice.

That’s right. Rice and butter with soy sauce. Butter rice. Side dish of kimchi, please.

Try it kids. If you’re in England, you have no excuse not to. If you’re not in England, let me tell you there’s nothing as pure as this butter available anywhere in the world.

Good luck with ya butter substitutes! Yeo Valley butter is just too amazing to sub for anything.