Six weeks update

Hi All! 

It’s amazing how my life has gone from gourmet eats and mascara to bottled milk and nappies. Six weeks in, I’ve settled into the Mummy-mode of things! I’m quite excited to have a little guy to play with. Does he account for lack of sleep? Oh, absolutely. However, I have some great corrector and concealer from Bobbi Brown to help fix that problem, so it’s not an issue. Coffee is my best friend, and hair ties come a close second! 

I mean, I finally had a chance to order some new shampoo today. This week, I asked hubby to stop by Boots in Town Centre, but can you believe they don’t carry Bumble and Bumble? Colchester, once again, you fail me. Had to order it on Amazon, but I ended up ordering three products from B&B – Sunday shampoo, seaweed shampoo, and mending conditioner. Sunday shampoo is a shampoo that helps remove impurities, which can be essential if you’re washing your hair in hard water like I am. Seaweed is a nice everyday shampoo that is gentle and replenishing. Mending is a good conditioner for the “terribly thirsty” hair. I was previously using Thickening shampoo and Quenching, so let’s see how this goes. I figure as my hair can get oily at the roots, but because my tips are fried, this combination may do the trick. Here’s to hoping! After a few uses, I’ll update on what I think of the products. I still have yet to try out my bath bar from LUSH. Bought a few items from there that I liked and disliked – will update on it soon. 

Oh, and here’s a pic of little Savya aka Sav! What a happy, chubby baby.