Nursery, aka “Baby Room” update

So as long as I can remember, we have been referring to the nursery as “the baby room.”

Yep, even before there was a baby to go in it. This is because the wallpaper in the room had this strangely yellowed Peter-Rabbit-meets-Classic-Winnie-the-Pooh theme. Sound cute? Nope. It was weird. Weird and peeling. Peeling is icky.

I really dislike wallpaper.

So halfway through the pregnancy, we decided to hire someone to paint all 5 of the upstairs rooms and remove the wallpaper from nursery and the master bedroom. Ugh – the master bedroom had walls that were peeling worse than a nasty sunburn. It was icky.

Have I mentioned I really dislike wallpaper?

Anyway, B&Q was having a sale on paint (interestingly, switching from UK brands to US) so we bought Dulux “Jasmine White” paint and repainted all of our rooms. To be honest, I actually love this white color. It’s not quite white because it has some warm undertones, but it remains beautifully neutral.

We like.

Fast forward a month, and our 7 piece nursery furniture set arrived from Tutti Bambini! 100% wood, the designs are adorable, we liiiiiiike. We also had the company assemble the furniture, which was completed in 2 hours. The only downside? The smell of paint on the furniture. I suppose this is because the company was really behind on orders (as they had previously informed us), and the people in charge of painting probably didn’t wait for the primer to completely dry before adding the top coat of paint. Still, I’m impressed with the quality thus far. Airing out the room for a week helped the smells dissipate for the most part. Pictures to come.

Oh, and I bought a lampshade from IKEA! It’s the medium NYMO lamp in white, with a bronze-y inside color that gives a beautiful ambiance in the evenings. I really love it and it was so easy to put together. Our only problem was that we didn’t have an adaptor for the ceiling lamps. Luckily, B&Q sold them for the cost of spare change, so winning! Haha.

I put the lampshade up by myself and got yelled at by Suraj. “You’re almost 9 months preggo and you’re standing on a broken chair!” To be fair, I didn’t realize it was broken until I was finished, moved it, and the legs popped out. By then it wasn’t needed?

Tee hee hee.

I took the photo at night for more drama. During the day, it just looks white.

We also bought a green rug for the baby room, something to bring a little pop of color. We’re thinking of decorating with blues, greens, yellows, and orange. Something “Safari” themed with elephants. In our culture, elephants signify good luck. In Tisha, elephants signify amazing. They’re my favourite animal, and so intelligent. Not to mention, baby elephants throw themselves into mud when they’re upset. How can you not find that super cute?!

We also bought IKEA drawer inserts help to organize little onesies, socks, towels, bibs, and diapers…etc. Attempting to stay organized before le bebe arrives. Then again, we use them in our own drawers. It really does help make life easier.

I found myself on forums trying to approximate how many newborn diapers to buy before we need to transition to the next size. Some say a few weeks, some say a month or two. I like planning, but it looks like I’m going to have to play this one by ear. Any suggestions from you mums and dads out there?

Anyway, those are my updates for now. I promise to post a full nursery photo update of all the cute things we’ve decorated and bought once I’m done!


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