I first heard about The Baby Show through a colleague of my husband. He and his wife had attended this trade show of baby goodies and stocked up on all their baby essentials at fantastic prices. So many vendors, and three days to attend. Suraj and I decided it would be a good idea to attend and created an event in our Google Calendars.

Oh yeah. Google Calendar official. That’s when you know it’s going down.

On Saturday, February 21st, Suraj and I made our way to the ExCeL Centre in London. Did we get there on time? 😂 LOL Nope. But we did arrive after 12pm, which enabled us to get a 1/2 price on tickets. Winning! In the short time span left available to us, we raced to the following booths at an attempt to incur damage:

  • Philips Avent
  • Tutti Bambini
  • Chicco
  • Nuna
  • Stokke
  • Peppermint
  • Maxi-Cosi
  • Tommy Tippee
  • Mothercare

PROS:  So many vendors in one place! Lots of little corners for a nibble and a coffee inside the The Baby Show in case you needed a rest. I heard that there were also fashion shows, but I believe that Hubby and I were too late and too focused on buying for that. There were signs everywhere helping us find our way around to the various vendors, and even a corner hosted by Emma’s Diary, which allowed people to rest and drop off their bags if they had bought too much. Hubby and I didn’t bother to do so, but it was good to know that was an option.

Suraj and I are list-oriented people, so we had researched products beforehand and made a list of all the items we wanted/needed for Baby Gurung. Did I mention the massive amount of vendors available? It was fantastic to see so many companies and all the options I had researched about online, all in one place for me to see, touch and try out for myself. Exciting! Many expecting Mums and Dads will walk into this trade show absolutely puzzled at what is going on and find themselves overwhelmed at the overload of information and products available to them. Don’t do it! Be prepared.

Villain or not, Scar has some great advice.

CONS:  Some of the booths were terribly packed with expectant Mums and Dads hurdling through in an attempt to put in their orders and have their questions answered. Some booths were jam packed to the brim! It took us a few minutes to finally flag someone down to help us, but in the end, the product and price fit so perfectly that we just couldn’t say no. At the end of the trade show, I found myself really quite irritated with the manners of ExCeL security, or lack thereof. The same woman followed us around while we were on our way. I suppose she was in a hurry to get us out, because she insisted on asking us to leave about 10 times within 10 minutes. Um, excuse me, I’m already waddling, I am on my way out, I am clearly still purchasing something, so bugger off! Suraj sensed my severe irritation and nicely replied, “Yes, we are on our way, we obviously understand you. Repeating yourself like a broken record isn’t going to do anything more, so would you mind backing off already? Thanks.” She shut up. BOOM.

awwww SNAP.

Jokes aside, whilst I understand that she was doing her job, the manner in which she hurriedly conducted her duties was almost abrasive and borderline condescending. We didn’t at all appreciate how rude the security staff was at the ExCeL. Hopefully, they are able to work on that.

So what’s my take on this whole affair?

TISHA’S ADVICE:  Do your homework and plan ahead! Do product research ahead of time so you at least have an idea on what you are looking for which will help you know what questions to ask any salesperson you come across. With so many products to cater to everyone’s needs, it’s a good idea to gauge what yours are on your own time in order to make a more efficient use of your time at the trade show.

So many expectant parents attend in search of the perfect items to compliment their baby’s lives but unfortunately, the vendor to client ratio is not equal. It’s best to know what questions to ask and what you are looking for so that you make the best use of your time with one of the salespeople when you do have the opportunity to sit down with one. It’s also a good idea to decide your preference to items, whether it’s a manual vs electronic breast pump, cord blood banking options, or disposable vs reusable diapers. It’s best to know what you want before walking in.

The Nursery arrives soon, so full reviews on these products to come! Stay tuned, Mummy’s and Daddy’s to-be.


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