Baby Hiccups

Today, Suraj and I went for a scan to see how my amniotic fluid levels are doing. Last week they were on the low side, so taking extra precaution, we scheduled a check-up for this morning.

Good news! Amniotic fluids are normal. Phew! Whatever the case that it went down, I’m glad it’s back up again. One less thing to worry about.

During the scan, we saw Baby Gurung and him moving about. Then I felt him do a familiar repetitive movement and saw his body move up and down. I was watching Le Kid doing hiccups. Le what?!

Hiccups in utero. I had heard about it and never realised what I was feeling until I saw it during the scan. I just thought the kid had some well timed punches, haha. (Clueless me!)

But yeah. Hiccups in utero. Weirdest, cutest, creepiest, funniest thing ever. Miracle of life, that’s for sure.