Cooking up a Storm

So this week, I’ve been cooking up a storm. Not only because I’ve been feeling motivated, but also because Suraj and his Mum have fallen ill, so kitchen duties have completely fallen to yours truly. The other day I was excited to start using Chinese five spice (I love using star anise) so I decided to make my version of sweet and sour chicken. 

By the way, here’s the recipe that I used, but deviated from: Sweet and Sour Chicken

I used chicken pieces with the bone in, marinated with oil, Chinese five spice, garlic, ginger, and cornflour for about 2 hours. Then I fried the chicken pieces and threw them in a mixture of chopped red bell pepper, carrot and tomato juice. I literally used tomato purée mixed with water. It turned out to look like this:

Sorry for the crappy photo! I forgot to take a photo until the day after.

Dear hubby liked it, so I guess there were no problems with it. I’d probably add some more spice to the veggies I mixed the chicken with, but overall it was super yum!

Friday, I got REALLY lofty and made Saffron Suji (semolina) Halwa (dessert) from a recipe I found here: Saffron Suji Halwa

Here’s the plated product:

I burnt it a little, but my mistake ended up adding a nice brown colour and flavoured aroma.

Overall, so good. I will probably add 1/2 cup less sugar and a few tbsps less ghee next time. 

For Friday’s dinner, I made chicken drumsticks with this recipe: Five Spice Roasted Chicken

It turned out exactly like the photo, but I’m sad to say I wasn’t a fan! It needed more of an “oomph!” factor. Perhaps next time, BBC.

Today, I made salmon curry (soup)  as everyone really needed a nice boost of spices and nutrients to bring back their tastebuds and help recover from this awful cold. I’ve made this recipe many times, and my favourite version is from Uma’s Kitchen Experiments: Simple Salmon Fish Curry

I had to feed everyone quickly so I didn’t pause to take a photo, but this recipe turns out perfect every time. I like to add lemon into the soup right before serving as Nepalese fish curry is always best served slightly tart. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be making Alton Brown’s Stovetop Mac and Cheese. So looking forward to a healthy quick version of my childhood favourite!